Who We Are

Our Best Words is a company that “wears two hats”. In defiance of the old saw, we both “can do” and teach and if called upon, can even “train the trainers.” We tap into a broad pool of talented translators and technical and marketing writing professionals from a wide range of disciplines bringing the most current know-how to your project and our classroom.

Ephraim King, Managing Director and CEO

Frank Ephraim King (also known as FE or Effie) has been a major player in the information development field since 1996. He served as team leader and project manager for documentation projects in many different fields including semiconductors, communications, information technology, military and civil aviation, medical technologies, virtualization, and cloud computing. Ephraim has taught extensively in the hi-tech community, and has several years’ experience training new technical writers. His teaching techniques include anecdotes and tips for success from his own real-life work experiences.

Ephraim holds a Master’s degree from the University of Florida and is active in several community organizations.

Ted Rose, Director of Training

Ted has been a technical communicator in Israel for since 1998. For 11 years, he has been the senior technical writer at a medium-sized software company, writing user manuals and other documentation for CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software products.

Prior to becoming a technical writer, he worked for several years in technical support for some of the largest companies in America, including Microsoft, CCH, and US Robotics.
Ted holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Sociology and Demography from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and an AAS in Microcomputer Systems from Oakton Community College (OCC) in Des Plaines, Illinois. He is also a Certified Novell Administrator (CNA).

Ted served in teaching and research capacities at Ben Gurion University for 10 years, assisting with research studies, which were published in several medical journals. He also served as part-time faculty at OCC, teaching basic computer skills. Ted serves on the board of the Southern Region of Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI). In his spare time he reads voraciously (mainly science fiction and computer-related materials), and spends time with his wife and adult children.

Daniel Feldman, Project and Training Manager

Daniel Feldman, based in New York, has been developing and delivering training programs for 25 years. He specializes in full project development, including analyzing business training needs, designing manuals and technical materials, delivering classroom and on-line courses, and providing post-training assessment and support. He is a certified MS Office Master Trainer and a certified Oracle SQL Programmer. He earned a Master of Science degree in Organizational Behavior from Polytechnic University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Brooklyn College.

Daniel has written extensively and taught courses in business ethics and in enhancing learning performance.

Dov Smith, Marketing Coordinator

Dov currently promotes Our Best Words’ take-charge technical and marketing writing style and talented personnel to projects at a wide variety of  hi-tech firms  and Our Best Words courses to potential students in Israel and internationally.

Dov started out as a Quality Assurance and Quality Control hardware tester working on aircraft components and collision-alert technology software. He earned a Practical Engineer degree before beginning his service in the Israel Air Force.

After completing his military service, Dov took courses in marketing and business. During the global financial crisis, Dov completed a tour guide course for Israeli tour groups traveling abroad.

Paul Vesely, Web Marketing Transformation Project Leader

Paul Vesely’s proven results in website traffic (SEO) and online revenue generation for a variety of highly satisfied large and small clients stem from his ability to successfully grow businesses through online activities such as SEO, PPC, social marketing, and website optimization. Bringing years of experience, passion, and knowledge in the latest developments and trends online, his work has positively affected his clients’ bottom-line profits.

Paul has a natural understanding of a company’s target market and goals, and has launched a wide variety of online marketing campaigns and websites that have achieved impressive targets including dramatic increases in sales, leads, and online conversions. Paul works closely with web developers to design, structure and build websites, microsites, iPhone apps, mobile sites and traditional landing pages that offer functionality, design, and accomplish the businesses’ online goals. Paul couples online modalities with off-page optimization such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and in-linking. This multidimensional approach has allowed Paul to remain at the top of his field and offer businesses solutions that intimately suit client requirements in a competitive online environment.

Isaac Cabelli, Mechanical Engineer and Technical Writer

Isaac Cabelli has more than 15 years of extensive experience both in technical and marketing writing about hi- tech electronic systems, operation, software, marketing, telecommunications, installation and maintenance manuals, IPB and GUI and as a senior mechanical engineer in the development and operation of systems for space, defense, aerospace and high technology semiconductor industry.

Isaac’s technical writing projects for leading companies included: Manuals, user guides, and training documentation for a diverse cross-section of Israeli companies including ELOP, IAI, Magal, Tadiran, Elta, Elbit and Ormat.

Isaac held several senior engineering positions working with multidisciplinary teams on the development of microwave landing systems, space telescopes, communication satellites, scientific satellites payloads and experiments, handling and robotic systems and medical instruments.

Isaac holds a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Concordia UVM, Montreal.

Craig Preston, MSM, Computer Instructor

Craig Preston has been teaching computer skills privately since 1997 and is known for his patient attention to the needs of both novice and older students. He teaches computer basics (including Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel & Outlook) and photo editing to the new user, but can help the experienced user be more efficient in his/her work as well. Craig can also troubleshoot many computer problems, install programs, set up internet services, and implement Voice-Over IP (VOIP) telephone service.

Craig’s varied experience includes managing a software library, computerizing the financial planning departments at two major aerospace companies in the United States, and creating and designing a computerized inventory system for a major cosmetics company.

Volunteering is also important to Craig. He has trained physically challenged individuals on computers with the assistance of adaptive equipment, including ergonomic and special-size keyboards, head pointers, and foot-operated devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.).

Craig has a Master of Science in Management from Boston University with additional software, hardware, and IT training. He is also a certified:

  • Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)
  • CompTIA A+ certified PC Technician.

Yehudit Rouzaud, Editor and Assistant Trainer

Yehudit is one of Our Best Word’s own graduates of our flagship Information  Development and Technical Writing course, Marketing Writing (MarCom) course and internship program. Yehudit brings an eye for detail and a talent for organization to overseeing the quality assurance of Our Best Words projects.

Yehudit has worked to develop manuals, e-learning materials, and classroom presentations, both for Our Best Words projects and for use in Our Best Words own courses.

Formerly a paralegal in the United States, Yehudit holds a Paralegal Certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Northridge.

Meir Schreiber, Project Manager and Software Engineer

Meir has over 23 years of experience in the software field, with wide experience in Project Management, Application Design and Architecture, System Analysis and Database Design and Implementation. Over the years, Meir has applied his knowledge to a variety of projects, in companies of various sizes, from startups to corporations.

Meir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software engineering (cum laude), from the Jerusalem College of Technology, and is also registered as an Engineer in the Israeli association of Engineers.

Doug Greener, Public Relations Manager

Doug Greener has been involved in editing, public relations, advertising and direct marketing in Israel since 1971. Doug has worked for Shaare Tzedek Hospital and Hadassah Hospital as well as other clients through independent agencies.

He established MediawiSe Advertising in 1982, specializing in print advertising and direct mail. MediawiSe was the representative office of the Draft Worldwide international network of direct marketing agencies for over twelve years, servicing local and international clients.

Jason Novich, Business Strategy Manager

Jason Novich brings over 15 years’ experience to leading product marketing and management activities in large and small companies including IBM, Dell, Accton, Cisco.

In 2004, Jason started TRA Computers, a company that specializes in providing technology consulting and service to small businesses. Within 3 years, TRA Computers boasted over 100 satisfied customers with over $100K of annual revenue.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Touro College; and Masters’ degrees in Science in Technology Management and in Business Administration from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Judith Collison, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Based in Boston, Dr. Judith Collison is an educator, philosopher, and an expert in critical thinking. Her specialties are professional development in mathematics education, performance-based and formative assessment, argumentation, and dialogue. She has worked with the AAAS 2061 team in analyzing science, math and technology materials for alignment with national benchmarks and standards, and is one of the authors of the Massachusetts Frameworks of Math, Science and Technology.

Judith earned her doctorate from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1988, and served on the faculty of Williams College, Westfield State College, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and the University of Massachusetts. She has also worked as curriculum and assessment specialist at several educational non-profits, including TERC in Cambridge, MA, the Concord Consortium in Concord, MA, and the Center for Collaborative Education in Boston.

Eliram Braudo, API Specialist, Technical Writer and Translator

Eliram Braudo has worked in various high-tech industries since 1977, in the fields of real-time, computer embedded systems, programming in Assembler and C languages and their documentation including editing and maintaining reference manuals and integration guides, writing user guides, and editing and proofreading technical and scientific documentations in general using MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker/Acrobat, Oracle relational data base management system, and software configuration management tools.

For the past few years, Eliram has worked mainly in translation, both English to Hebrew and vice-versa, of technical, communications, legal, literary, and academic works (such as a PhD theses).

Eliram has served on the board of the Israel chapter of the STC (Society of Technical Communications), and is currently on the board of the Israel Translators Association. Eliram hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Geophysical and Atmospheric Sciences, both from Tel Aviv University.

Scott Seltzer, Quality Assurance Manager

Scott Seltzer is passionate about Quality! Scott has worked as QA Manager for various companies since 1994. Scot’s hands-on approach to Quality Assurance combines technical expertise, creative tactics, and a compulsion to details with an intimate knowledge of the most up-to-date methodologies and best practices in software testing. Scott has successfully brought numerous quality products to market in the fields of mobile, telecommunications, multimedia, desktop software, handheld gadgets, Internet, and other client-server architectures.

Scott is also one of the most talented jugglers in Israel. He has performed for a past Prime Minister, Knesset members, and other dignitaries. His show combines outrageous danger, hilarious comedy, and patiently honed dexterity that makes keeping nine balls in the air look deceptively easy.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in General Studies from the University of Southern California.